WACTAC | The Walker Art Center is a museum in Minneapolis. This shirt was created for the alumni of their Teen Arts Council.

WCCO | This shirt was part of a team building exercise for behind-the-scenes staff at CBS's local TV station, incorporating the logos of both divisions.

MALAMANYA | Malamanya is a Minneapolis-based cuban band, and spanish for "bad habit". This shirt was made to represent various common vices.

FULL MOON PUPPET SHOW | This shirt was made to commemorate a solid six year run of the monthly theatrical event in Minneapolis.

PPNA | Powderhorn is the community in Minneapolis that raised me. This shirt was made for a fundraiser held by their neighborhood association.

CAFAC | The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center offers studio rental, classes, and community events. This shirt was made for their patrons and students.

PARTNERSHIP | South High is a public school in Minneapolis. This shirt was made for students in Partnership, South's program for alternative learning.

MPLS BIKE POLO | This shirt served as a sort of jersey for Minneapolis's bike polo team and their supporters during regional competitions.

URBAN TRAIL SERIES | This shirt was for participants of an annual marathon hosted in the Twin Cities by Endurance Unlimited, a local non-profit.


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